The Invisible Grills concept originated from Europe in the late 1990s. The system underwent many rounds of modifications and improvements through the years to arrive at the current design. INVISIGRILLS (MUMBAI) provides leading-edge Invisible Grills technology for balcony and windows to the Residential and Commercial High Rise buildings.


As we are advancing into a new era with higher demand from the end-user, We are proud to present Invisible Grills which offers end users better visibility as compared to traditional grills without compromising safety concerns. This is a new solution to end user who is looking for window and balcony protection with a safe environment for your loved ones while enjoying Panoramic views.

More than just a means of ventilation, windows are also a great way to let nature into the house for landed property and apartment dwellers. And with the right window treatment, a view of the lush greenery or scenic waterfront can be made more spectacular while still being able to provide safety. As a plus point, it provides a safe environment for your loved ones while enjoying see-through panoramic views. With anything else, the facade and design of most homes are greatly compromised.

Being invisible, looking into this new grill means you are now able to enjoy the outside view in a totally non-obscured manner. This couldn’t have happened if you still have aluminium or iron bars appearing right in front of you. What’s more, the view would also appear extra bright. Consequently, people from outside can hardly notice these wire lines and the formed impression would be one that is neat and spacious. As a matter of fact, most rooms fitted withInvisibleGrills appear tidy, Spacious and stylish.

Why InvisibleGrill is better than old traditional iron bar grills?

Offer no obstruction

Sometimes you can be seated in your house and you would like to have a look at the beautiful natural scenery outside. This can be hindered to some extent by the old traditional grills at the window .You may be required to adjust your seat or move close to the window to have a clear view. These Grills are not like the ordinary metal grills, they are almost transparent offering no obstruction and you can have the clearest view ever of what is happening outside through your window.

Tidy and stylish

These Grills are made out of the most recent technology which ensures that they are made in the most appropriate and recent styles. They are also tidy when installed in your apartment .They do not rust like the ordinary grills such as those made of iron or mild steel. This enables them to offer the greatest level of tidiness at your home as you will not be stressed with rubbing of the rust in case your ordinary grilles are rusting. It is engineered cut and anti-rust, so that makes cleaning and maintenance very easy. You will also not find unsightly exposed fastenings protruding here and there, which says more about its neatness and simplicity.


Well, if we talk about the looks of conventional windows grill then it just offers some basic and traditional look to your house. However, this is not the case with Invisible Grills because it comes in different kind of styles and you can use it accordingly. That means if we would say that invisible window grills can always help you increase the looks of your home in a great ways. But if you talk about the conventional iron bars windows grills, then you may not get the same result with that option and you might not get a good look with it. So, it is safe to say that InvisibleGrills can offer much better look to you compared to conventional window grills.


In traditional style window grill you get only few options for your home and you have to get one of them for your home. But you don’t have to deal with this problem if you choose InvisibleGrill then you get a lot of option for same. That means you don’t have to stick with any one option and you will be able to decorate your home according to your choice. Hence, it means that you get a number of options in InvisibleGrill as compared to regular or traditional window grills.


Installation of InvisibleGrills are always easy as compared to regular window grills.You can install the InvisibleGrills any time even after the completion of the Interior Work.